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 02   About

Rachel Heller is a multifaceted artist: Painter, Graphic Artist, Muralist and Teacher. 

She was born in Livorno, Italy and has lived, worked and exhibited in Israel, Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, UK and USA. She is not only international artist - she is a citizen of the world. The many years she lived abroad had a great influence on her development. She got involved with international artistic circles and exhibited in museums and well-known galleries.

In 1973 she was awarded the "Ambrogino d'Oro Medal" by the City of Milan. Between 1980-82 she was invited to stay at the Cite' des Arts, Paris by the Israeli and French governments.  

Back in 1983, she has developed a new method of art instructions based on the creative element of dreams and has produced a video called "Creative Dreams" (1986).

Rachel has exhibited many one woman shows, has participated in numerous group exhibitions and her works have been acquired by many private collectors. 
Her work deals essentially with questions of existence, humanity, suffering of the innocent and universal themes. She has created numerous series of paintings, each of which seem like separate chapters in her life. Each bears different techniques, deals with different subjects and yet all confront the same fundamental concept, the concept "Birth and Death and the Journey between them".

Rachel is also an active muralist, working with glass, ceramics and enamel.


In 2004 she was granted a studio in the House of Artist in Salzburg by the department of Art and Culture, In 2012 she was invited by the Municipality of Munich, Germany and was granted a three months residency in Villa Valdberta.

Currently, Rachel documents her life-long work by subjects she worked on during her lifetime and published four books. At the same time, she is working towards an exhibition about "The Wave", which is a continuation of "Immenso Blue", which she exhibited in Munich in 2010.


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